Know more about the artist behind the artworks you purchase.

The Philosophy

Why did I decide to become an artist? I have always wanted to provide people with quality artworks. I can assure my customers that all the products they purchase from me are produced with utmost care and according to the highest standards. I give importance to uniqueness and individuality, which is why I never mass produce my cards.

About the Artist

I am wife and a mother who resides in Ceredigion, West Wakes. Throughout my career, I took interest in different art forms and crafts until the time when I discovered my love for painting.

Beginning 1999, I focused on painting and I am happy that many of my customers have appreciated my work. My artworks have found their way in private collections in Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

The Artworks

My work, particularly my landscapes, is a reflection of the beauty of nature and my own spiritual beliefs. I am passionate about  West Wales and you’ll often find ruggedly beautiful landscapes and ethereal skies captured in my work.

I see myself as a landscape artist but I also paint a wide range of subjects and themes from time to time. I am open to private commissions tailored to the client’s specific requirements.