Pizza – quick dinner recipe or comfort food? What would you term it as? For me it is both, a quick dinner idea and just the comfort food I would love to sit down with. Every part of the pizza – the crust, the toppings and the delicious sauce are all dear to me and I relish each of these. It is all done perfectly that makes a great pizza. Homemade pizza is a great idea to spending time with the entire family. Get everyone in the family involved and see how you add to the family fun. Even the youngest member of the house can contribute by arranging the toppings.

Tips to a delicious homemade pizza:

Make your crust first and keep (thing to remember is that the crust should not be baked fully, remember you need to bake it again with the toppings). It would be best to bake the crust separately than doing the toppings and everything together.

-Mixing the pizza dough and kneading has an important role to play in deciding your crust quality. Kneading should be done only to the level needed that is till you have a pliable dough that does not anymore stick to the sides.

-Be patient, allow enough time for the pizza dough to rise before actually starting to work on it. The taste and texture of the pizza would all depend on the dough. Depending on the thickness of the crust desired, decide on the amount of dough to use for the crust. Pizza dough that is drier would result in a crispy crust. So you could make the choice between crispy and a soft fluffy crust. If you want to have a stuffed crust you can add the stuffing at this stage.

-It’s important to know that the oven is a key factor to have a perfect crust. Even if you follow the recipe and conquer a perfect dough, using the wrong oven might spoil all that work and ruin your crust. Ideally, you should use a proper pizza oven – you can know more about them on Californo.

-For the pizza sauce, there is always the easy store bought pizza sauce. However, if you decide to make it at home then onions, tomato puree or sauce, garlic and your choice of herbs all sauteed and simmered to form a thick consistency. Make it a little thick to avoid getting your crust soggy.

-Coming to the toppings, here is where you can unleash your creativity. There is really no laid down rule as to what you should use as topping for your topping and so you could just go by what your heart says or rightly by your tastebuds. From meat, sausages to fresh veggies, ham, bacon, mushrooms and the list goes on and on. Top with fresh mozzarella and the pizza is a nice colorful treat now. Don’t you agree?

Put it into the oven, get your favorite movie or book and time to just put up your feet and enjoy homemade pizza all done by you right from scratch. Feels great doesn’t it?