5 Ways to Sell ArtworkThere’s more to selling artwork than selling a painting on a canvas. An artist’s work can be transformed into many different products that can easily be created and sold through a website or at art shows or galleries. Adding extra products can mean more money for the artist and more uses for fantastic paintings and drawings. Plus, if the artist adds a web address or phone number to the product, it also can act as a publicity tool for the artist.

art postcardsMaking Art Postcards to Sell

Art postcards can be made by hand or printed. Some artists buy blank postcards made from watercolor paper and then paint one-of-a-kind art on them. This can take a lot of time, so many artists will have postcards mass-printed with a digital image of an already created piece of art. To learn more about creating art postcards read: How to Make Postcards for Your Art.

Creating Customized T-Shirts that Feature Artwork

T-shirts printed with a digital copy of artwork is a good way to allow fans to share a piece without shelling out a large amount of money. For most artists, printing handmade customized t-shirts isn’t an option. Luckily, there are sites, such as Zazzle and Cafe Press, which allow artists to upload art images to the site and apply the images to products such as t-shirts. On many of these sites, the customized t-shirt isn’t made until a customer orders it and there is no cost to the artist. The artist gets royalties from each sale, much like selling artwork at a gallery.

Illustrating Magazine Covers

Many artists think that magazines only use in-house illustrators for their magazine covers. While this may be true about some of the larger magazines, many small magazines use submitted art for covers. To find magazines that allow submissions, search the web using terms such as “illustration submissions,” “cover submissions,” and “artist guidelines.”

watercolor painting greeting cardCreate Greeting Cards

Greeting card companies, like magazine publishers, are looking for good art, too. When pitching to greeting card companies, artists should avoid selling all rights to their artwork. This would mean that the artist wouldn’t be able to use or sell that painting or drawing anywhere else.

To avoid these type of problems, the artist can have their own greeting cards printed using their original art. Some online places to get custom greeting cards printed are Print Place, CardStore or CardsDirect.

digital prints and imagesSelling Digital Images

If adding artwork images to products doesn’t sound too exciting, an artist also has the option of selling usage rights to the digital image of the original artwork. There are sites, such as Constant Content and Associated Content, which helps artists sell usage rights for images. The artist has the option to sell full usage rights for the image (not suggested) or allowing others to use the artwork (on websites, in magazines, etc.) for a fee.

If an artist adds just a couple of these art selling tips to their publicity strategy, they can increase their visibility and add to their income.